One magic day

Found this photos from last winter, taken outside my street. One magic morning Rome woke up with all that snow. Everything so quiet and beautifully white. The city hadn’t seen that much snow in 20 years and it was not prepared for it. They had to find and pull out the special machines for snow showing, which of course couldn’t be found or did not exist. So now the question was should they have to call in the army for some help. Yes, the army, yes for snow. To nobody’s surprise it all ended up with just another scandal, everybody (politicians, the Mayor) blaming each other for not doing what should had been done in cases like this. ( I guess keeping the streets clean and some sand). Well easily said, there was a little sand scandal too, ( why miss out on just another one) cause no sand/salt could be found anywhere. Also the airport was stranded since nobody had a clue how to get the snow off the airplanes. However, not being used to snow, the people started to put normal salt on the pavements, well we know how that ended… Nobody could drive in the snow so it was a total disaster on the streets. Finally the Mayor had to forbid the use of cars that didn’t carry chains or winter tires and close the schools, so the children were happy to be home playing in the snow. The mayor also advised people not to go out if it was not necessary. But on the contrary, everyone wanted to be out to see the snow, for some it was the first time in their lives. The streets became like a little “snow land” attracting everyone, even the dogs were walking funny, not wanting to put down their legs in the snow, some were jumping up and down and some wouldn’t move at all. The people gathered in the bars for a warm espresso all excited to discuss the days event. Wherever you turned people were gladly chitchatting to everyone, it was like the snow had brought out the good in everyone that day, no screaming and insulting as it would be normally on a “no” snow day . It funny how a little snow can go a long way.








2 thoughts on “One magic day

  1. hahahahahaHAHA I remember that day so well, A magic day indeed. What a disaster for a little bit of snow – and of course the impreparedness caused a(nother) italian political scandal. Beautifully described how the snow brought out the good in everyone that day. even the romadogs… ;)))


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