A day in town

Just came back from a nice stroll in town. It was spring in the air, sunny and 16 degrees. Saturday is not exactly the best day to go downtown since it gets very crowded after lunch to the point that it is almost hard to get by. Had lunch at this nice modern place called Gina, it’s on the left side off the Spanish steps. It’s very hidden and no sign so its just to walk little up hills and there it is. It’s a very atypical place for Rome, inside the style is very New England and the serve big fresh salads, fruit shakes and fab cakes, mostly America inspired. I had the Ceasar salad and a cheesecake. If you go on a Saturday it’s best to go early or late otherwise you’ll stand in a long line for a table. That was the case at “Ginger” which is this other atypical restaurant that has been added to Romes restaurant scene. It’s on the end of Via Borgognona, that is if you come from the Spanish steps from where the street begins. I will definitely pay it a visit and get you an update. Stopped at this French chocolatier in Via delle Carrozze 26, and got my favorite chocolate. It’s family owned and the make all the chocolate in their own shop. That was the perfect end of a day in the center.










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