La Bella Puglia

As promised here is a more detailed guide to the Spa Masseria Torre Coccaro in the beautiful and undiscovered region of Puglia. It is a very romantic place so I suggest you don’t go alone. The feeling is as if you are on another planet, so far from everything and peaceful. It’s a very chic place but at the same time very low key. You never know whom you may bump into, could be a famous Italian actress on a retreat or some big name from anywhere seeking some peacefulness in this remote hideaway.
The have a Aveda spa, gym and yoga but if you prefer to be outside in the stunning nature, there is a small golf course and the have horses if you feel to explore the volcanic soil on the back of a horse. If you just want to relax you can go to the hotels private beach club for a swim or a drink. They also offer a cooking school if you want to bring home some new recipes. As for restaurants, a must is Da Tuccino I have eaten seafood from Hawaii to Oslo but this place has the best seafood ever. I will go back just to eat there again, it’s heavenly. The restaurant rises abruptly from the coast and you dine on a terrace overlooking the Adriatic sea while enjoying endless dishes of so fresh and delicious seafood. It’s about a 15 minutes drive from the hotel












6 thoughts on “La Bella Puglia

  1. thanks so much for sharing this – it seems magical. Magical!! A definite must go, didn´t know about it before.


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