Where did spring go

I guess we fast forwarded to summer. Today it was 25 degrees and sunny. Though I prefer when after a long winter, spring would come and give us time to adjust to the warm weather. Not have to go from winter coat to t-shirt in one day. It’s funny, it’s like we don’t have spring and autumn any longer.






5 thoughts on “Where did spring go

    • It’s ok if it doesn’t go up much higher and we get lots of humidity as well. Being Swedish I’m still struggling with heatπŸ˜€

  1. foto veramente bellissime …. … in Sweden it is still cold, as always it seems :((( After having past months of november-coldness your pictures seems like paradise, 25 degrees let it stay there and just peeerfect

  2. So many lovely and inspiering pictures! Where is the church by the water?
    Today we happy with sunshine and 16 degrees in southern Sweden.

  3. Such fantastic pictures! From where is the foto where people are taking a bath in the sea, a beach – as it seems – in the middle of the town??? Looks absolutely wonderful, would really wish to travel there!!!! is it still forbidden to bathe in the Trevi fountain? πŸ™‚ Greetings!


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