Give me some color

When spring has arrived i always feel better with a hint of color. I tested these four bronzers;

Clarins Instant Light.. Since my skin is dry and gloomy this worked best for me. It gives an amazing glow and just a hint of color and completely melts into the skin. It has a anti-pollution protection and can be worn alone or under foundation. I’m hooked on it.


Chanel Bronze Universel. This is a bronzing make up base. It’s goes on with a sponge. Can also be used as a blusher. The consistence is very light and not greasy. The color depends how much you put on, so you can decide if you like it lighter or darker. The jar last forever and it’s easy to use for touch ups since it blends in easily.


Guerlain Terracotta Mineral. This is a mineral loose powder that comes in 3 colors light, medium and dark. It just glides on and gives a nice natural color. Perfect as a blush too. It comes with a soft brush, that I use to make two 3, starting on the forehead down to the cheekbone then over to the chin. This way you get a very natural and fresh look.


L300. A tinted moisturizer that is 100% fragrance free and can be worn alone or with your regular day cream if you skin is dry. It contains anti-oxidants and vitamin E. It gives a lot of coverage and color.




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