October dip

October and supposingly autumn, but here in Rome it was 29 degrees today. So who can resist a dip in the pool and some suntanning.





Skin booster

An extra boost for after summer skin, is this amazing Almond oil from Weleda. It gives comfort, restores and moisturize. You can also use it on nails and hair. It doesn’t contain perfume or anything else, just pure oil, so perfect for even the most sensitive skin.


Rome’s seaside

Rome is still sunny and warm, 27 degrees today. So time for some late summer sunbathing. Actually this is the time I like the best for being on the beach. It’s not to hot and the sun isn’t burning your skin , just caressing it lightly. Not to many people and the light is so beautiful, specially when the sun goes down. About 35 minutes by car from Rome’s center, you reach Ostia, it is the nearest beach. Fregene is also nice and about 45 minutes drive. Avoid rush hour, because then you be spending your time stocked in slow motion traffic, for one hour or more.


Fade me not

Vichy-Self tanner, is your perfect friend when your tan starts to fade and you want to ad some color or just to keep your hard earned tan as long as possible. It’s a moisturizing milk for face and body. This formula is for sensitive skin and paraben free and that’s why I like it, but also it’s easy to apply and streak-free. Leaving the skin with a very natural sun- kissed look.


Capri – La Bella Isola

Capri has been one of Europe’s favorite getaway for over 2000 years. It was a favorite resort of the Roman Emperors. The most famous i guess was Tiberius, he had his splendid villa here. You better not argue with him, because those who displeased him were thrown over the cliffs, end of discussion, so to speak.
Personally, l think it’s one of the most beautiful islands in the world. It’s breathtaking and magical. It’s something in the air that makes you at ease here, not to speak of how the Island screams romance everywhere you go.
During the summer months Capri gets extremely crowded and busy.
I think May and September are the best months to visit the Island. Also less queues if you want to visit the incredible sites of the Island: i Giardini di Augusto, Via Krupp, La Certosa, Villa San Michele, Grotta Azzura, Anacapri, the Faraglioni and Villa Jovis, the residence of the Emperor Tiberius.




The famous "Piazzetta"

Grotta Azzura

La Canzone di Mare